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What Type of Fryer Suits the Needs of Your Restaurant?

Last updated 1 year ago

French fries, hot wings, fish, and eggplant are all foods that people love to eat fried. If you’re looking to add fried items to your menu, take some time to learn about your kitchen equipment options. Electric fryers give you a mobile frying option that uses electricity to generate heat. Check out these fryers to see which one is best for your restaurant.

One-Bay Economy Electric Fryer for Order-to-Order Frying

The one-bay economy electric fryer is great for restaurants and delis with a modest amount of fried items on the menu. This fryer’s dripping basket holds 10 liters and is perfect for frying items order-to-order.

Two-Bay Economy Electric Fryer for Frying Multiple Items

The two-bay fryer features two small baskets and is perfect for restaurants that need to fry two separate items at the same time. Use this fryer if you need to fry fish, wings, French fries, or other items simultaneously.

Larger Basket Two-Bay Economy Electric Fryer for Lunch and Dinner Rushes

For restaurants that fry quite a bit and in greater quantities, the two-bay fryer with two 10 liter dipping baskets is a great choice. This option helps you handle lunch and dinner rushes so that fried items won’t hold up your orders. It is the equivalent of two one-bay fryers put together into a single unit, but costs less than buying two one-bay fryers separately. This fryer features two thermostat controls, so you can maintain temperatures independently in each oil bay.

Common Fryer Features

Since all three of the fryers listed above are electric, they don’t depend on a gas line for heat. This means that you can fry food anywhere that you have an electric outlet. Each of these fryers requires 110 volts and fries at temperatures of up to 395 degrees Fahrenheit. These fryers also come with covers and are CE-approved.  

Check out Klinger’s Trading for electric fryers like the ones above. We also have an endless list of other restaurant appliances and equipment, and offer lines of credit for qualified customers. Call us at (678) 894-7126 for kitchen equipment in Atlanta, Miami, Nashville, New York, and other U.S. cities.


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