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    • Great Quality Equipment Awesome Service I bought a 3 Compartment Elite Series sink from a dealer and was told that it had a Life Time Guarantee on it . Called up and spoke to Charles at Klinger's Trading and it is true. Will definitely buy from this company again!! Greg Livsey Allentown PA 


    How to Improve Your Restaurant's Dishwashing Efficiency

    Last updated 2 years ago

    In your busy restaurant kitchen, you probably use a commercial-grade dishwasher to keep your dishes, glasses, and silverware in peak condition. If you have issues with less-than-clean dishes coming out of your dishwasher, you may need to consider additional restaurant equipment to help improve dishwasher performance. The most effective option is utilizing a pre-rinse unit designed to thoroughly rinse plates before dishwashing. Here’s a look at how pre-rinsing your dishes can help you improve your kitchen’s efficiency.

           1.  Maximize Dishwasher Performance

    Are you running your dishwasher several times to clean one load of dishes? Stuck-on food and grease can often withstand the heat and force of even the most effective commercial dishwashers. Pre-rinsing with a high-pressure pre-rinse unit can remove tougher stains and crumbs, making your dishwasher more effective and reducing the number of washes necessary.

           2.  Quicker Kitchen Service

    Although your cooks and chefs can turn around meals in a matter of minutes, they need to have plates and silverware to serve them with. Pre-rinsing can help the entire restaurant move much more efficiently by getting dishes in and out of your kitchen as fast as possible.

           3.  Greater Water and Energy Efficiency

    Finally, pre-rinsing can help you save water and energy in your kitchen by minimizing the resources necessary to get your dishes clean. Although your dishwasher may claim to be “high efficiency,” it loses this advantage when you have to wash dishes several times to get them clean. Pre-rinsing with a high-quality pre-rinse unit can help you reduce water and energy consumption by making sure your dishes are clean after the very first cycle.

    For a great selection of faucets and pre-rinse units for your restaurant, contact Klinger’s Trading at (678) 894-7126. We serve Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, and Miami with high-quality restaurant equipment to help you improve service, save money, and keep customers happy.

    Follow These Links to Learn Even More about Keeping Your Restaurant Functional and Looking Great

    Last updated 2 years ago

    If you want to keep your restaurant regulation-compliant, it all starts with the equipment. With the right restaurant equipment, you can create a kitchen atmosphere that is organized, clean, safe, and healthy. To learn more about food safety and employee health, check out these great resources from around the Web:

    If you live in the southeast U.S. and are looking for the finest quality commercial restaurant equipment, Klinger’s Trading can help. For more information, contact us online or dial (678) 894-7126.

    Keep Your Restaurant and Kitchen Regulation-Compliant

    Last updated 2 years ago

    If you own or operate a restaurant, you know how heavily regulated the restaurant industry is. Restaurants are subject to a number of federal, state, and local regulations that cover everything from public access for people with disabilities to zoning and environmental regulations. Although Klinger’s Trading can’t help your restaurant stay compliant for every regulation, we do offer a wide variety of restaurant equipment that can help your business stay compliant with food health and safety regulations.

    Some of the restaurant equipment that you may be interested in include:

    • Rubber Mats – Employee safety is extremely important to the governing bodies that oversee and regulate the restaurant industry. To help keep your employees safe, we offer slip-resistant rubber mats that are resistant to oil and water.
    • Shelving – If you want to keep your kitchen regulation complaint, you will first need to focus on keeping it organized. Proper shelving will give you a place to store kitchen supplies and cooking equipment that may cause a problem if left out in the open.
    • Sneeze Guards – Food safety is also important when it comes to restaurant and kitchen regulations, but not just in terms of preparation or storage. To protect food that is available for immediate consumption, we offer sneeze guards that are made to fit any standard size buffet, electric table, and cold pan.  
    • Grease Traps – In order to make sure your kitchen is compliant with various environmental regulations, you will need to install a grease trap, or grease interceptor. We offer two grease traps with flow rates between 20 gallons and 50 gallons per minute.

    To learn how Klinger’s Trading can help keep your restaurant and kitchen regulation-compliant, contact us online or dial (678) 894-7126. You may also wish to stop by one of our showroom locations in Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, and Charlotte. We offer a variety of commercial restaurant equipment and kitchen supplies.

    How to Run a Restaurant

    Last updated 2 years ago

    The restaurant business is a huge industry in the United States. Each year, hundreds and thousands of new restaurants open around the country. Unfortunately, about the same number of restaurants fail each year, too. Running a successful restaurant isn’t impossible; it just takes long hours, hard work, and plenty of dedication.

    In this video, an experienced restaurateur will give you some tips on how to effectively run your own restaurant. Some of the most important tips include hiring the right people, establishing your target clientele, and sticking to your demographic. It’s also important that you have the right equipment, which is where Klinger’s Trading comes in. We offer the industry’s highest quality commercial restaurant equipment, including steam tables, mixer tables, wire shelving, buffet guards, and more!

    Whatever commercial equipment you need for your restaurant, Klinger’s Trading has it. To learn more, visit one of our locations in Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, and Charlotte or dial (678) 894-7126.

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