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    Seating Options for Every Restaurant Environment

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Choosing the right seating arrangement is an important step in getting the most out of your available space and restaurant equipment.  While a seating design may seem like an innocuous detail, it has a direct impact on everything from your employee efficiency to your overall profits.  When you’re preparing a seating layout, consider these strategies before placing an order with your regional restaurant equipment supplier:

    • Making a General Layout

    Rather than continuously moving your restaurant tables into different patterns, first take measurements of the dining space and outline a floor plan, noting items such as the maximum safe occupancy and all exits.  Depending on the size and scope of your restaurant, you may wish to have different types of seating in various locations; consider the placement of barstools, tables, and booths.  When making a restaurant seating layout, be sure to leave adequate moving space for both employees and customers.

    • Balancing Anchored and Floating Seating

    One of the biggest hurdles that restaurants encounter is achieving a balance between anchored and floating seats.  Anchored seats—that is, seats bordering a wall, partition, curtain, or other surface—are generally more popular than tables which “float” in the middle of the dining space.  By contrast, floating tables are more accessible to handicapped and elderly persons, and have a statistically higher turnover rate than booths.

    • Choosing the Right Equipment

    The type of restaurant equipment you choose can play a huge part in the versatility of your arrangement.  Round tables are better for facilitating conversations and maintaining simple seating arrangements.  However, if you plan on accommodating larger groups, then rectangular restaurant tables can be combined to accommodate larger seating arrangements.

    Klinger’s Trading has been supplying premium restaurant equipment to Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, and the rest of the Southeast region for over 15 years.  Our table tops, table bases, and stainless steel restaurant equipment are designed out of the highest quality materials.  Visit us online to review our satisfied customer testimonies, or call (678) 894-7126 today to find an authorized dealer nearest you.

    Cross-Contamination Basics

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Even if a restaurant kitchen follows all local and federal sanitation guidelines, bacterial cross-contamination is still a ubiquitous threat. This video covers the proper handling and storage measures for preventing cross-contamination.

    Virtually every surface has some amount of bacteria on it, but certain foods, such as uncooked meat, contain much higher concentrations of harmful bacteria. Although most of these bacteria are killed during the cooking process, cross-contamination occurs when bacteria transfers from one surface to another. Be sure to thoroughly clean work surfaces and restaurant equipment to avoid bacterial growths.

    Klinger’s Trading has been the preferred restaurant equipment supplier in Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, and other metropolitan areas in the Southeast since 1997. To learn more about our inventory of premium commercial restaurant equipment, visit us online or call (678) 894-7126 today to find a restaurant equipment supplier near you.

    Products to Improve the Cleanliness of a Restaurant Kitchen

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Cleanliness is a top priority in any restaurant, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the kitchen.  However, even the best employees will have trouble maintaining proper sanitation protocols without access to the right restaurant equipment.  Consider ordering these essential items next time you contact your regional restaurant equipment wholesaler:

    • Sinks

    When it comes to commercial restaurant equipment—particularly sanitation equipment—be sure to look for NSF approval to ensure that your product meets local and federal sanitation codes.  Commercial restaurant sinks from Klinger’s Trading are available in a variety of different configurations, ranging from basic setups for simple cleaning to more advanced configurations with cabinets or foot/knee controls.  Also consider additional accessories such as splash guards, drain boards, and overhang faucet attachments to keep your cleaning space organized.

    • Tables

    A stainless steel work table provides an ideal surface for professional food preparation.  Maintaining a stainless steel appliance is as simple as choosing the right detergent, and the tables from Klinger’s Trading feature a three-channel design for superior strength and durability.  If your kitchen regularly handles different types of produce, then you might also consider investing in a cold pan or steam table to store products at a constant temperature.

    • Shelving

    Never underestimate the utility of shelving when it comes to storage.  Wire shelving units drastically increase the available surface area for storing food products or utensils.  In addition to providing a more organized workspace, it also prevents possible contamination from common restaurant pests.  Klinger’s Trading offers both chrome and epoxy shelving for dry or wet storage.

    We here at Klinger’s Trading are devoted to providing the best deals on commercial restaurant equipment.  Several of our restaurant sinks come with a one-year product replacement warranty. We work with a variety of restaurant equipment dealers in Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, and the rest of the Southeast region to ensure prompt delivery.  To learn more about our restaurant supply products, visit us online or call (678) 894-7126 to receive a catalogue today.

    See These Resources for More Information on Useful Restaurant Equipment Available at Klinger's Trading Inc.

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Here are helpful online resources with information on your favorite snack-stand foods and dishwashing tips. For high-quality restaurant equipment in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Nashville, contact Klinger’s Trading at (678) 894-7126.

    • Here’s a page from on how to save water and money by choosing the right pre-rinse unit.
    • Ever wonder how popcorn transforms from a small seed into a delicious snack? Visit this page from the Popcorn Board to learn the answer.
    • Hot dogs are a quintessential American food, but did you know they have a history dating back to the 9th century B.C.? Visit this page to learn more about the history of the hot dog.
    • Take a look at this page from for tips on how to wash dishes more efficiently at your restaurant.
    • For a great history of the French fry, check out this page from Stim Magazine.

    4 Quality Products That Will Help You Get Your Snack Bar up and Running

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Snack bars are found throughout the United States in a wide variety of settings. Movie theaters, schools, parks, stadiums, and shopping malls all have some kind of snack bar stacked with delicious foods that are easy to prepare, affordable, and appeal to a wide customer base. If you are looking to start your own snack bar, or are considering bringing your snack bar to the next level, Klinger’s Trading has the high-quality commercial equipment you need to make your business a success. Here are four pieces of essential snack bar equipment we carry at Klinger’s Trading.

           1.  Popcorn Machines

    Although it is primarily associated with a trip to the movies, popcorn is an easy-to-eat snack that everyone loves. To keep your snack bar properly stocked, you’ll need a high-quality popcorn machine that is appropriately sized. The Cretors 6 oz. stainless steel popcorn machine is the perfect snack-bar-sized popcorn machine, and it even comes with a two-year warranty.

           2.  Hot Dog Broiler

    Now that summer is on its way, your snack bar can take advantage of the seasonal upswing in hotdog demand. Our American-made hot dog broiler form Cretors can hold and cook up to 36 hot dogs in a matter of minutes, so you’ll never be in short supply!

           3.  Ice Bins

    Another essential piece of equipment you’ll need is an ice bin. Storing a large supply of ice will make serving cold drinks easy. You can also use them to store other cold items, like ice cream, drinks, and frozen meats and produce.

           4.  Grease Traps

    Finally, make sure that you properly dispose of greases and oils in your snack bar by having a grease trap installed. Grease traps come in a variety of sizes designed to accommodate everything from small food trucks to large restaurants. Using a grease trap will help you keep your plumbing running smoothly, which will help you keep your doors open!

    For a great selection of commercial-grade restaurant equipment, contact Klinger’s Trading today at (678) 894-7126. With our help, your snack bar is sure to be a success!

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